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Apple Fubars Again

Note: To avoid confusion in this blog entry, all references to "iPhone" mean "iPhone or iPod Touch."

Don't you hate leaky apps that force you reboot your iPhone to recover lost memory? Me, too. So several weeks ago I found an iPhone app on the iTunes App Store called iStat. iStat lets you monitor many parameters on your iPhone, and you also can monitor your desktop Mac with it, and you can even monitor Linux servers, too. But the main reason I bought this app was because of its feature that allows you to free up wasted memory on your iPhone when you begin to run low due to ill-behaved (memory-leaky) apps.

iStat worked very well for many weeks. Rather than needing to reboot my iPhone every couple of days to avoid crashing apps, I was able to periodically free up memory with iStat -- no worries! (I would reboot my iPhone about once-a-week, but this was probably not necessary). A great app that did exactly what I needed it to do, and more, all at a great price.

Then tonight there was an update to iStat, and behold -- the "free memory" function was gone. Poking around on the vendor's App Store page and support web pages told the story: Apple demanded that the vendor remove the "free memory" function from iStat, and demanded this of several other App Store developers with apps that also freed wasted iPhone memory!

So it would appear that, once again, Apple is meddling, making life more difficult for Apple developers and customers. Apparently they want crashing iPhones and unhappy customers. Way to go, Apple!

Listen up, Apple: Get your pinhead out of your arse. Let Trent Reznor sell his app, put the Gvoice app on the iTunes Store, give iPhone developers greater freedom. If you have to be anal about something, then be concerned about crappy apps, rip-off/do-little-or-nothing apps, apps that leak memory like a sieve, and so on. Just... stop frakking with your developers and customers. Seriously.

I'm this close to jail-breaking my damned iPhone.

Update: This link about the iStat fubar via a re-tweet from Mur Lafferty.
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