AmmitBeast, The Dweller in Amenta (ammitbeast) wrote,
AmmitBeast, The Dweller in Amenta

Writer's Block: Out of fashion

If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

At number one would be those frakking monstrous Crocs.  What are they, crappy plastic shoe-sandles?  Extruded wooden shoe flip-flops?

Ugg boots would pull up with a close number two.

(Hmmm, feet fashions.  How'd that happen?)

No, wait, how could I forget?  Men's neckties.  Seriously, the people who most need good blood flow to the brain (generals, politicians, stock brokers, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, fundamentalists, zombies, cops) are wearing freaking neck tourniquets!
Tags: writer's block
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